How to Download & Unzip Files from the Internet

To Download from Internet Explorer:

  • right-click on the link
  • select "save target as"
  • navigate to the folder where you want to save the file

To unzip after downloading:

  • right-click on the zip file within Windows Explorer (My Computer)
  • from "folder view" select "extract" or "extract all"
  • follow the prompts

PowerPoint 2016 Course Materials

PowerPoint 2016 Course Materials:

PowerPoint Study Guide Object 3

Audio (MP3): PowerPoint_3-4b.mp3

Video (MP4): PowerPoint_3-4c.mp4

PowerPoint Shows

Quiz: TheGodfatherQuiz.ppsx

Halloween: Halloween.ppsx

PowerPoint Final Project - Exploring New Jersey

Final Project Video: Exploring New Jersey

Project Specifications and Content:

Updated Project Specs: PowerPoint_Exploring_NJ_Project_2017.docx

Insert Slides from Word Outline file: Exploring_NJ_Insert_Text_Outline.docx

Advanced PowerPoint

Project Specifications and Content: