How to Download & Unzip Files from the Internet

To Download from Internet Explorer:

  • right-click on the link
  • select "save target as"
  • navigate to the folder where you want to save the file

To unzip after downloading:

  • right-click on the zip file within Windows Explorer (My Computer)
  • from "folder view" select "extract" or "extract all"
  • follow the prompts

Excel 2016 Course Materials

Excel 2016 Course Materials:

Project 1 - Consumer Sports Workbook

Project Specifications:

Download and save the Consumer_Sports.xlsx Workbook
(Note: do not open it from within the browser)

  • Insert formulas to calculate the total revenue for each year, total revenue for each sport, and the average revenue for each sport.
  • Add appropriate titles for the last two columns -Total and Average.
  • Adjust the columns so you can see the entire contents.
  • Format the data to look similar to the final handout: Consumer_Sports_final.pdf
  • Save the Workbook.

Project 2 - State Codes

Project Specifications:

  • Using this State Code link: State Code Table Link, copy the table of State and Abbreviations into a new Excel Workbook
  • Separate the State and Abbreviations into 2 columns
  • Format all columns to left justify, Calibri 12 font
  • Change the Case of the State names column to Capitalize the first letter of each word (For Example, "NEW JERSEY" becomes "New Jersey") Hint: use a function

Project 3 - Full Time Programs Charts

Project Specifications:

Vlookup Zip Code

Project Specifications:

Vlookup MLS Number

Project Specifications:

  • Download and save this Excel workbook, then open it from Excel:
  • Follow the included instructions

Vlookup Student Grades

Project Specifications:

Advanced Conditional Functions

Project Specifications:

  • Download and save this Excel workbook, then open it from Excel: PackagingCosts.xlsx
  • Follow the included instructions

Excel SmartArt Example

Example: SmartArt_Cycle_Diagram.xlsx

Advanced Excel

Web Query: Web_Query.xlsx

PivotTables and PivotCharts

Presenting Data Visually

Excel Style and Date Calcs

Excel Practice Test