Against the Clock Dreamweaver Projects

Project 6 - Kinetic Final Example

Project 7 - Digital Book Chapter

Project 8 - Crowe Final

Project 9 - Yosemite Final

Yosemite Final Zip:

NJ Botanical Garden Project

Sample NJ Botanical Garden Site

Project Files:


Sample Bottle Page
Bottle Project Files:

Everyday Tai Chi Project

Final Project Example

Project Files:

Link Colors


Bridge Contact Sheet: Guitar_Contact_Sheet.pdf
Bridge Web Photo Gallery: Lightroom Flash Gallery
Download Examples:

Bridge Lesson 3

Photoshop Day 1

Photoshop Tips

Photoshop Photomerge

Photoshop - Using the original images below, create a panoramic composite picture of Lake Hopatcong.
Dreamweaver - Insert the panoramic into the image place holder.

Hi Resolution Photo Examples

Photoshop/Fireworks Logo Project

Fireworks Flat 600x600: logo_global_flat_600x600.png


M&M Mars

M&M Image Rollover Example

M&M Yellow
M&M Red
M&M Green
M&M Project zip:

Remove Image Rollover Border (IE issue)
<a href="link.html"><img src="image.gif" border="0"></a>

Additional Resources

Sand Dollar Project - Dreamweaver Layouts

Final Example: Sand Dollar Page

Project Files:

Photoshop Web Page Design - Slices

Final Example: Photoshop_Web_Page_Design_Slices

Project Files:

JavaScript Examles

Matrix Text: matrix.html

BMI Calculator: bmi_calculator.html